Massage Therapy for Anxiety, Trauma + Pain

Whether you're looking to heal from injury, compliment your mental health treatment strategies, manage a chronic illness, create time for relaxation and decompression, or just better connect with your body, OpenSpace Massage + Bodywork provides an open, accepting, inclusive and safe space to help you meet your wellness goals. OpenSpace's massage practice is rooted in empowerment theory to help you think positively about your innate ability to take care of your body and health. I use methods based in anatomy and physiology, and tailor treatment plans based on individual client goals. I want you to feel great in your body. 

OpenSpace is body positive.

OpenSpace is trauma-informed.

OpenSpace is consent-based.

OpenSpace is LGBTQI-affirming.

OpenSpace is disability-friendly.*

OpenSpace is Virginia licensed (#0019006761) and AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) insured. 




*ACCESSIBILITY: While this space aims to be as accessible as possible, we are located on the second floor and entry requires walking up a flight of stairs.